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What is Healthy Planet

What Is HealthyPlanet

Among the issues positively & powerfully impacted by a change in our diets and lifestyle are our personal health, the environment, world hunger, animal welfare and the economy. Here is a brief description of our activities.

Our Monthly Dinner/Lecture Series is the area's premier showcase for speakers from around the country on topics relating to health, the environment and important social issues. Our team has been running these events since 1990. They have consistently drawn large monthly crowds and are instrumental in keeping our community on the cutting edge of these topics. They also provide an opportunity to taste, learn and share a wide array of delicious and nutritious, whole food, plant-based recipes while enjoying the company of others interested in making a difference in their personal & global health. Meaningful connections are made between individuals who share these common interests.


Our Healthy School Lunch Program was designed to encourage community-wide efforts aimed at educating students and parents about the compelling health, environmental and social reasons for choosing a more healthful diet. We have worked in school districts throughout Long Island since 1994 and are available to assist motivated individuals to create the change that is possible in their district. We are experts at helping concerned parents and school officials to create a program with less junk foods and more healthful, whole food, plant-based offerings. We also work to assist food service personnel in offering these foods as alternatives in their cafeterias. This gives students the opportunity to choose healthful, eco-friendly foods on a daily basis. By doing this we improve the health and mental clarity of students while offering them empowering solutions to many of the problems which face our society.


HealthyPlanet Restaurant Outings are social outings with a purpose. Bring together delicious food and knowledgeable speakers on informative topics of all kinds, and you get the perfect mix of fun and growth-promoting education. They are also designed to establish a relationship with restaurants which encourages them to offer more health-enriching, plant-based options. These events are also an opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of other concerned community members. Good friends make the best partners when it comes to making a difference in our world!


HealthyPlanet's Public Speakers reach out to the public via TV, radio, and talks to community groups, legislators, corporations, schools and organizations which are interested in hearing about the many ways in which they may individually and collectively improve their health and the world in which we live. We aim to empower and inspire organizations to pass this important information on to their own membership. And we do just that!


HealthyPlanet's Special Events are another way that we mix education and social activities. Our professional team with years of experience in the culinary arts and event planning has created events ranging from massive community festivals, to fruit smoothie stands, to sunset cruises and rainforest cafes. Keep in touch for their latest creation!


HealthyPlanet's Newsletter is an informative publication offering up-to-date info on health, nutrition, the environment and social issues. With an initial circulation of 25,000, our Newsletter will broaden our educational efforts while keeping the wider community in touch with our upcoming events, gatherings and progress on programs and local issues.


HealthyPlanet's Website is an exciting new part of our outreach. We're in the process of creating an online resource with everything from lifestyle tips to recipes to inspiring articles, links and a complete guide to working in your school district. And of course, you'll be able to find out about all our upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and much more!


HealthyPlanet is committed to helping create a better world based on our vision of what is truly possible. We encourage your participation. Your unique talent may become an important part of our collective effort. Join us in our vision. Call 631-421-5591 for more information or to find out how you can get involved.


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